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sentenced him to death row. >> i'm very annoyed. i'm angry. i don't feel i should have been arrested. >>reporter: prosecution presented evidence that meso killed 6 women in marin, contra costa county and nevada county and jury convicted him. yet meso maintenance his innocence. >> because they haven't proven their case against me. >> they proved their case you are convicted. >> no. >> jury of your peers concluded that you are guilty. >> the jury found me guilty. >> they proved it. >> but not from these charges. >>reporter: he wanted me to see the nice picture he took during the career as photographer. but in safe deposit box investigators found photographs of several of his victims who appeared to be dead. and in his reno home they found meso own writings that tied him to the crimes including a list of 10. when investigators believe is a dump list of where he put the body. what was the reason for the list. what did the list mean. >> that's good question i was expecting that. that i have to reserve for my appeal. >>reporter: oh, come on joe. you are kidding me right. i wanted
. >> this duffel back is packed with medicine. they are from there and will land in manila tomorrow. they don't know how they will get to their hometown about 350 miles away where their family home has crumbled. their business is still standing, but barely. >> it is really torn apart. it is unsafe. my brothers wants to go back and look for our employees, but i say don't go yet. >> the death toll is rides rising and the confusion is growing. they are going to see their families, but also to help. friends and family in the bay area have given them money to take back with them. >> i grew up there. i don't know what to expect. i just want to help out. >> escaping is nearly impossible right now. those arriving on flight 104 from manila weren't hit by the typhoon. >> it is really hard to see what is happening in our country. >> but it has still left an impact. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> now if you would like to donate to the relief efforts you know people would like to help. go to abc7news.com and it is under see it on tv. >>> and a police chase that ended in a serious crash in richmond. the
of the cost of the entire $67 million tentative agreement. they say a deal is a deal. >> i don't see how it is an honest mistake.u signed it you signed it. we signed it. >> bart riders are frustrated. >> i don't want another strike. >> tom hawk is out and a new chief negotiator will be named soon. lillian kim, abc news. whatd let's talk about what is going right. batkid captured our hearts and the city. the city was transformed to gothem city 20* help -- to help miles scott's dream come true. he was presented the key to the city. sergio, what a day. >> what a day indeed. tonight san francisco city hall is lit up in batkid's colors and while it was a wish come true for the 5-year-old it was a spectacular day for thousands of people to watch. as emerged from batman's smoky base of operations in a lamborghini bat mobile it was the beginning of a day long adventure. one much of the city cheered on and is still cheering. >> in san francisco we don't have a lot of kids. i think there are a lot of us that are like, yes, we can do something fun for our kids. >> bat ky d helped batman disarm a m
. >> and heating up the main course, 300 turkeys, 82 hams and don't forget the 35 gallons of gravy. all of this food will do more than serve the people who come to the pavilion on thanksgiving. volunteers will be packing up meals and delivering them to those who are home bound. close to 1500 meals delivered. in all the league of volunteers expects to serve more than 4500 meals this thanksgiving. ama dates, abc7 news. >> we want to share a story with you that will probably be on your mind as you sit down for thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. an east bay man who lost his wife suddenly now facing raising four adopted children from ethiopia on his own. alan wang attended an emotional event for a represented coach and teacher in a time of crisis. >> it is hard on all of us. >> are you sad daddy? >> i am sad. i am sad to lose mommy. >> they spent everything they had to bring these four orphaned kids from ethiopia. shortly after brenda was diagnosed with terminal cancer. she died earlier this month, but not after they discussed life after she was gone. >> you can hear the kids laughing and playing
cares about her privacy. >> i don't even want to be on tv talking about this, but it is something that is really important. people don't know that this is happening. >> reviewing lauren's facebook profile from a stranger's account her privacy settings make nothing visible to anyone but her friends until we click in the search box at the top of the page. >> and all kinds of menu options come up, photos of me and friends of mine and photos by me. >> the menu is part of graph search. it rolled out over the summer and a recent policy change says you can't opt out of it. >> photos i commented on and liked and photos my friends commented on, all kinds of things and i had no idea it was there. >> though everything lauren posts on facebook is private, sometimes she is tagged or comments on a friend's picture that is shared publicly. and now any stranger can look at those tags and comments from her profile. >> it is page after page after page it is really alarming. >> after lauren brought the story to our attention we rounded up the volunteers who said they would graph search themselves. >
. >> police say the drugs passed through the victim's body and they don't know what drugs were used. so far no one has been arrested. alan wang, abc news. >>> expect delays if you take the tunnel. cal trans will make final preparations for the opening of the tunnel. they could see delays of up to 30 minutes. the delays could start as early as friday night at 8:30. crews will be restriping ahead of the opening that could happen this weekend or perhaps early monday morning. fremont police are looking for a brazen thief who poses as a delivery man to steel packages. it shows a man carrying an empty box on monday and he drops it off and picks up two other boxes on the front porch. he hoped into the blue sedan and took off. the boxes he stole had computer parts in them. >>> a lot of murders go unsolved. our media partners reviewed data for 14 cities and found these results. san pablo had the highest clearance rate at 92%. san jose 66%. san francisco, 44. oakland investigators solve 35% of cases and richmond ranks last among the cities with 30%. the national average for solved homicide cases is 6
. but there are more parents don't know about, but they might set off alarm bells. for instance, ask .fm is a lesser known website and app for iphone and android users. it is a social site where people can ask questions anonymously and then receive the answers anonymously. everything from what kind of movies do you like to ask me what celeb you want naked and i post a pic. to sign up, you only need to be 13 years old. the nonprofit organization common sense media provides age-based ratings of social media sites. it gave ask .fm very low marks for positive messages. she is the director of digital media. >> the issue is you get answers that are hurtful. >> she 15 years old. >> have i a friend who asked a question and then got a response she wasn't wanting and it made her feel bad about herself. >> ask .fm says they have the option who can ask anonymously, but they say millions are asked every day by those who use their names. omegal is a popular chat room and here too users only have to be 13 years old to sign on. >> you don't know how old they are. you don't know where they are located. you don't kno
it is gone. i don't know where it went. >> devastation across the e cleaning up after deadly tornadoes touched down. good evening. i'm ama dates. the death toll is rising after a series of violent tornadoes swept across the midwest. this frontal cloud closed in and the twisters hit illinois especially hard. towns from peoria to gifford suffered the most damage. alex perez has the latest. >> reporter: one family looking out of their window in washington, illinois. a tornado barreling toward them as they recite the lord's prayer. >> oh my god. this thing is getting really wide, john. look at the left edge of this thing. it is getting big. >> so many families frightened by so many twitters and unleashing their fury. the angry funnel clouds show death and destruction crushing dozens of homes like cardboard boxes and injuring dozens of people. the raging storm swept through town after town like this one, long point, illinois. i we saw it coming toward our house. >> so when i seen it coming and we ran to the basement. it was gone within three or four. you can see what it has done
. they don't have any suspects in custody at the moment. >> pleasant hill leaders got earful about proposed new rule regarding gunshot in town. nick live in pleasant hill with the debate for us. >> city council approved proposal make it tougher for gunshot to operate in city limits. now it will move forward to the full council in two week where it will take a formal vote of 3 yes to make it law. city council member back off proposed legislation to toughen the city gun law only tells part of the story. gun shop owner are happy to fill in the rest. >> well basically they try to shut down the business. >>reporter: one of the rules being proposed would force store owner and employee of gun shop to pass a criminal background check and dealers need to install alarm system and surveillance camera. >> where do you comply with everything. nothing more to comply. >>reporter: state federal law are already in place. under the new stricter proposal new gun stores can't be located within 150 feet of a residence and 1,000 feet of a day care center or school. >> we haven't had a be pro-we don't want
. investigators still don't know where the father crossed over the border into mexico or when and how he sliped past u.s. authorities when there was an amber alert and a $1 million warrant attached to his name. two week old henry romero is being cared for by mexican authorities until he can be returned to his mother, patricia romero in sunnyvale. with her 5-year-old daughter she spoke to reporters with the help of a friend tonight. >> i am really happy and really thankful that the police and people that helped me to find my baby. >> yesterday afternoon henry's father, he took the baby and told romero he was taking him out of state. he threatened to harm himself and the baby if she called police. >> she called them seven hours later and an amber alert was issued along with a $1 million warrant for his arrest. >> i was afraid i wouldn't be able to find them again. >> early this morning there were citings of his vehicle and cell phone pings in san diego where he has family. at some point he made it past the u.s. border patrol. he was stopped this afternoon at a checkpoint in mexico somewhere near
. don't want anything to sit or good to waste or get thrownout out. >> they hope to get them to the philippines in 3 week time fun. would like to donate to the relief effort information for you at this web site. fine it under see it on tv these people were arrested for carjacking kidnapping and prostitution ring. 18-year-old washington, 19-year-old moyer and 20-year-old garcia ran the prostitution ring out of san jose motels. also sues pested of carjacking 2 different men last month. the police think the 3 may responsible for bank robbery in san joaquin county. >> new details on bitter labor dispute involving santa clara couldn't private ambulance provider and union workers now reached a deal. new contract comes after year of negotiations was rural metro. it requires the hike of more ambulance mechanic and pay raises. county has had a history of problems with rural metro. it has been plagued by financial problems and complaints over late response times. >> new video gives us the unique look at fair response in san leandro last week as alameda couldn't firefighters helm
got together for a stranger they don't know and show support for him. heart warmin warming. >> tonight you can already see how san francisco becoming about government ham city. >> it's a big party at the end of a long red. >> party that is well deserved. final touches put together for tomorrow big wish day. hoping miles gets a good nig sleep slep this just in. front page of tomorrow the chronicle this is special edition news handed out tomorrow at bat kid crime city width and as this production is being made for little miles, his parents still thinking about other family going through the same thing saying they hope they get the same kind of conclusion with their about as miles is. >> scale of the production is unbelievable. >> it's remarkable. city is expecting thousands of people to participate tomorrow. 7000 tried to make reservation at the burger miles where miles has lunch and more than that at city hall. >> city got swept up in this what got me, you talk about a city with the heart in the right place. i don't think he has any idea what -- nobody else did and he j
dancing i be dag and smiling all the time and such amazing intention and i don't know that i would and i just found her attitude to be so incredibly inspiring. >>reporter: she danced tl by the office. >> very pro active you can dance. you can participate with flash mob that i'm organizing. >>reporter: nice feel. now she gets a nice feeling as video and well wishes pour in from around the country. recuperating at home and doing great. john, abc 7 news. >> well storm public stopped twitter initial public offering started at 26 dollars that was the initial press but because of early traiingd it opened today in 45 and went as high as 50 dollars and closing at this number here. it's considered a very successful i p o. >> more controversy tonight over yoga pants made by loo-loo lemon this time not the pants themselves with people is worked up. as l amma explains it's what the chairman of the co about them about them. >> they cause uproar several months ago vlts customers were complaining that the yoga pants were see through. now apparently a problem with big. addressing the ongoing pro
heavy this time of year. it would be a blessing to reopen. >> don't hold your breath for the subway reopening. that's not until january 2019. abc7 news. >>> the board of directors is set to vote on the contract of the two largest unions tomorrow. yes, we are here again. the vote comes two weeks after the discovery of a medical leave provision that bart insists wase roan yously included. the unions are calling on bart to honor the contract they signed. >> you probably noticed stores are starting to advertise their door buster deals. with so many sales it is challenging for a shopper to get to all of them. >> michael finney is here with how you can stretch your budget and your time. >> door busters are designed to get you and me and all of us into the store. i'll look at which sales you will want to hit and the ones you can skip. >> plus, it is supposed to save lives in an emergency, but it ended up causing an emergency. the bizarre midair malfunction on a jetblue flight. >> and he survived two jetblue flights hey, buddy? oh, hey, flo. you want to see something cool? snapshot, from pr
high up. but when you are trying to escape with your life, you don't think about that. >> reporter: young jumped out of the exit door and he later took a picture. though flames were going toward the middle of the plane as you could see in this video young stayed right there helping others down until finally his wife emerged unable to walk. he carried her to safety. this is a picture he took after she was triaged for a gash in her head. in the videos shot from the tarmac you can see rescuers giving her aid. the chopper flew her to the hospital and many others who were injured. >> at first i thought i twisted my ankle. >> one painful week later after transferring to stanford it revealed that her ankle was fractured and surgeons i'm planted -- implanted screws. then the pain in her head was excruciating. it showed brain swelling. they removed part of her skull to relief the pressure. >> i couldn't bear to see her like that. >> for two and a half months she had to wear a helmet until doctors deemed it safe to put her skull back. they hope there is no permanent brain damage, though her
motorcade taking pictures and we still don't really know what happened. but this author tells me he has answered imporvt situation. this author new book last second in dallas comes to a startling conclusion about lee harvey oswald. >> i emphatically deny these charges. >>reporter: he was arrested for shooting the president from the sixth floor of the texas school buck depository in dallas. >> whatever lee harvey oswald did or did not do on that day 50 years ago he did not kill john kennedy. >> before you dismiss thompson as another conspiracy theory. consider his background. the precursor to the navy seals. grad ateed from yale. taught college. long career as private investigators. most famous case a city bomber mcveigh. but most important to this story like magazine hired him in 1966 to examine injfk the evidence for cover story. >> no more than 15 foot from the about park and in line of fire. >>reporter: thompson himself interviewed manye key of the key witnesses. in 1967 he wrote what is considered to be one of the seminole book on the assassination. 6 seconds in dallas. >>
of the coliseum. then a man died after falling from a walkway at a candlestick park. they don't know what motivated the woman to jump. lilian kim, abc7 news. >>> a mystery in santa rosa. a 15-year-old boy is found uncos shoes -- unconscious. he is trying to figure out what happened. the boy was found outside the gym at montgomery high school with head trauma and cuts and scratches on his arms and hands. they want to know if he was assaulted or if he fell from the roof of the gym 30 feet above. he and some of his friends have been known to do urban acrobatics on the campus. >> detectives discovered several months ago this young man and several friends were here on the same campus and were engaged in jumping from roof to roof and against walls. one of the young men fell and broke his leg. >> the intoi in a medically enduced coma. >> menlo park police are looking for someone who shot at a mother and her two children as they sat in their parked car this afternoon. it happened on madera avenue. the family was not hit. the car is described as a black or dark green saw pan, possibly a honda. >>>
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person in an ad makes some sense. >> you don't want somebody who is sending the wrong message and say the military is a place for glamorous people. >> the colonel whose comments set off the firestorm also happens to be a woman. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >>> the search is on for a medical crew who were on a learjet that went down. the coast guard recovered two bodies. the plane was on a medical flight bound from mexico just after takeoff from fort lauderdale. the pilot radioed air traffic control to report engine failure. >>> we are continuing to track the storm that is moving through the bay area right now. while it is bringing much snow just yet.has not brought this is near truckee. it is the only resort near interstate 80 that is open at this moment and that's because they have been making their own snow feverishly. here is a look at live doppler 7hd and you can see a lot of green on this map, a lot of pro sip station. meteorologist sandhya patel will have a full check on the weather in just a few minutes. stay tuned for that. >>> the holiday shopping season is upon us. >> mich
neighborhood are without power. pg&e hopes to restore it by 2:00 a.m. >> i am hoping because i don't want another cold shower. they are not at the top of the priority list. roadways at fifth and jackson had to be cleared before the evening rush hour. >> folks are using an on-line application where you can just use your smart phone and allow us to know where there are downed trees. >> everywhere debris is pushed off to the side of the road. it is even taking up parking spaces for r's liquor store in berkeley. >> they said they had like 130 calls or something and they are just trying to move along and pick it up as they can. >> a 50-foot cypress tree is leaning against this home in berkeley tonight. >> if we were a one-story house it definitely would have come through our house. >> tree crews are working quickly, but safely. in the east bay, alan wang, abc7 news. >>> now, the wind took down a scoreboard at concord high scho worriedtudents are worried about next year's football season. school administrators say they do not know where they will find the money to fix this thing. >> more than 5
. >> thanks very much. women. well of course we need the rape but we don't need dangerous commute so we need to be careful in the morning. first real rain make road slick from the oil buildup obviously. nick smith is live near the golden gate bridge tonight. nick here we go. >> here we go dan. highway patrol would like to see cars continuing to move along the freeway just like that without incident. but they say history is any indication, anything could happen. >> seems like after 52 few months forget what happens when it rains. >> california highway patrol officers says the rain means this heavily traveled stretch ofll be highway 101 will be particularly rough during tomorrow morning commute in sonoma county. >> bringing up a lot of oil and fluid from the roadway so it's going to be extra slick. give people heads up to give yourself some extra time. >> of particular concern areas of construction between santa rosa and marin county. workers and barrier give drivers very little room for error. >> you never know how that affects the way the water moves when it rains. >> that's why chp is
administration. >> if you missed out today don't forget cyber monday coming up. millions will log on to continue their shopping. on-line cyber monday sales tripled to $1.50 billion compared to 2011 and this year's figure is expected to be higher and could be the biggest on record. >> the booming on-line sales means busy time are to delivery services. federal express will have have the busiest time. they will have 20 million shipments just on that day. >> here is a chance to help us feed the bay area. visit the abc7 news facebook page and take the pledge to give where you live. we will donate $1 in your honor up to $75,000. everybody who takes the pledge will be to win $7,000 in cash. the winner to be uh united states nod december 19th. >>> a big thank you to our viewers including including an especially generous one. a pop warner football team will contend to the that will championship. >> donating $20,000 to the cause. >> zach nelson, the ceo of nestle donated $20,000 and he said the team's pleas for financial help moved him. the pop warner super bowl takes place in orlando. >>> it is looking a
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22